Of Trucks and Fish

May 12th, 2012 by David Stein

Its been a whirlwind year. Yes, a year!  The fact that I’m looking back and still moving forward is a victory in itself.  Go Fish was at the Greenway Food Truck Festival last Saturday.  It felt like the unofficial opening day of the Summer 2012 season.  There was a real feeling of excitement in the air, and of camaraderie amongst the Truckers, of shared enthusiasm and optimism for the new season, of pride in work well done and challenges met.  And there have been some.  The winter was long and slow, we all reached deep for the resources, both fiscal and mental, to get us through.  Go Fish has been steadily building a reputation for the quality of our food, and a strong following.  The Food Truck movement in Boston has taken solid root and is getting well deserved attention.  This spring, really from April 1 on, has shown great promise; long lines, return customers, a buzz in the press. . . The good folks at Food Truck Festivals of New England have a slew of Festivals scheduled around the region through October, there are a lot of one-off events on the books, and Brother Trucker has booked a substantial amount of catering, weddings and events which allow me to spread my fine dining wings, and use my portable kitchen in other creative ways.  Perhaps the most exciting new growth for me is the opening of Brother Trucker Commissary at Triangle (420 Pearl St, Malden MA) on May 1.  In order to operate a food truck or catering business in Massachusetts you have to be operating out of an inspected, commercial kitchen.  This is one of the “hidden” expenses of the food truck industry, and one which is under-served in the Greater Boston Area.  I have partnered with Triangle in Malden, assuming operation of their cafe and food services, and taking over their commercial kitchens which I can then use for Brother Trucker, and rent as shared space for other Food Trucks, caterers, private chefs etc.  The location is terrific, just 15 minutes from the center of Boston, with great access to many suppliers (Restaurant Depot, 4 bakeries, produce markets . . )  The access is 24 /7 and I hope to employ the mentally and physically handicapped whom Triangle, a non-profit, trains and places in the workplace, to prep and clean for the trucks.  Its a real win-win situation for all involved.  If any of you Go Fish/Brother Trucker fans know of someone in the food business needing commercial space to work out of, steer them my way!!  I’m trying to build a really positive, creative workspace and business incubator for the Food Truck and catering community.  Stay tuned, I hope to have more time to keep you all updated on the exciting world of Fish and Trucks!!!


Brother Tucker


Comment from Laura D Wood
Time: May 13, 2012, 10:06 am

Dave, Congrats, you deserve the best for all your hard work and for all the satisfied tummies over the years. So proud of you, Happy cooking and eating!

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