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Take Nothing For Granted!

Lots of really great things are happening in the Brother Trucker world, but it sure keeps me on my toes. Go Fish was awarded two dynamite locations in Boston from the several for which I applied.  I’ll be on Belvidere St, on the Christian Science Plaza at the Children’s Fountain Monday-Thursday lunch, and at the […]

Local is Not Lip Service!!

There is much made in the annals of “Foodie” literature, marketing and general hype about the “Locavore” movement.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am a STRONG proponent of sourcing locally whenever  possible.  To me this means much more than simply featuring the local producer of artisan product occasionally on your special menu.  I DO support local […]


It’s been one hell of a ride. On June 16th I have a high end catering gig for the Malden Chamber of Commerce which will help keep me on track to break even IN MY FIRST MONTH!  It would also be the 2 year aniversary of my “Downsizing” by the corporate world, and the beginning […]

We Have LIft Off!!

The day is finally here.  Go Fish! is a reality.  I expect 50-70 people here in my back yard, under the big yellow and white tent, to sample the full opening menu.  All the ducks have been knocked down, time to make confit!! (Sorry, a little chefly conceit there).  The wrap is done, and he […]

Sir, Just Step Away from the Label Maker

As Commander Cody once said “There’s a whole lot of things that I never done, but I ain’t never had too much fun!!”  I’m working at it though!  Like a kid in a china shop, a bull in a candy store, a mixed metaphor even!  I’ve been slowly customizing Go Fish!  Special rack for the […]

The Mothership Has Landed!!!

Things are moving FAST!!  I just realized I’d been home over a week, that the truck had arrived last Saturday, and that I hadn’t made the time to post a new blog. So. . .Go Fish! arrived from Texas whole and healthy after 36 straight hours on the road, and I felt like a kid […]


Better late than never!  We arrived home Tuesday, rested, refreshed, and without Go Fish!  Rumour has it he departed this evening, scheduled arrival late Saturday or early Sunday.  I’m getting a free stereo, undercarriage lights, and an upgrade to a 6 burner South Bend range (from a four burner), no trivial addition to the cooking […]

Chesapeake Soft Shell Crab Season

Need I say more?  The first soft shell crab of the season is a beautiful thing.  From Texas BBQ Brisket to Shrimp and Andouille Gumbo and Oyster Po’ Boys in Louisiana, Apalachicola on the 1/2 shell, Grilled Mahi with Tropical Fruit Salsa in Lake Worth Florida, She Crab Soup in Savannah, and Soft Shells in […]

Boy Meets Truck, Boy Leaves Truck, Boy Misses Truck

“Better to haved loved and lost. . .”.   Well, not lost, but waiting.  We met Go Fish on Monday, spend the morning and headed West, with the promise that the truck would be hot on our heals.  Best layed plans.  It looks like the truck is going to end up delivered to home the same […]

Apalachicola Oysters

This is the view from my world as I type.  Life DEFINITELY DOESN’T SUCK here.  They say they have the best oysters in creation here in Apalachicola.  I feel a certain Chefly obligation to do some serious field research.  Go Fish! now has a generator, the kick butt (free) stereo is in,  final installations and […]