Brother Trucker Commissary at Triangle

November 27th, 2012 by David Stein

I’m pleased to announce the opening of Brother Trucker Commissary at Triangle!  It’s a shared use kitchen for Food Trucks, small Caterers, food service Start-Ups and Private Chefs needing space to jump start or operate their business. The commissary is part of the Triangle complex.  Triangle is a Malden Non-Profit dedicated to training and placement for the handicapped and I’m nurturing a win-win relationship with the organization, hoping to help employ the “participants” as prep help for my truck and catering, and making their capable services available to anyone sub-licensing space who is interested.  I have kitchen facilities, dry goods, refrigeration and freezer space, equipment, parking and a supportive, fun but professional atmosphere.  The commissary, located at 420 Pearl St. in Malden, is convenient to rt 93, rt 1, 7 miles from downtown Boston and easy access to the restaurant Depot, propane and numerous wholesale purveyors.  24/7 secure access.  Call me at 781-298-1526 or email the website for a prompt response.

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