My first experience with Chef David Stein's "Go Fish" was on a rainy Sunday at SOWA earlier this summer with my wife. Having been in the fish/restaurant business myself, with 20 years with Legal Sea Foods, I felt intrigued with his menu, as well as his brightly painted truck with the gleaming stainless interior. Having also worked in Kendall Square, Cambridge across from MIT, I was already familiar with food trucks as a concept. We ordered the Miso Salmon Wrap and the smoked cod-chorizo sliders. The difference is this food is made to order, not assembled, so the wait is a little longer than other trucks and, like I said, it was raining. We got our food and ran for a dry store front. The salmon was spectacularly fresh and the veggies crisp to the taste, just the right amount of miso. The cod slider was stuffed with “surprise” cod, not filler, had a caramelized outside that held the puck together. We went back for another round this time splitting the Fish & Chips, which my wife has everywhere. After another short wait we were again rewarded with steaming fresh haddock portions on top of non-soggy fries and very hot. Seafood Restaurant quality food. I next went to Go Fish a few weeks later on a hot late summer day down by the back of the Prudential Center, just to see if consistency rules. David had a stripe bass taco special which I got and it was great, filets of recognizable fish with a piquant sauce that again was served piping hot. I watched as local office workers and some Red Sox tourists lined up to try some different food out of their comfort zone. By the look on their faces they were rewarded. Again the difference is chef, menu driven, short wait, but sit down restaurant quality. Not just another food truck. David Stein is taking it to the next level.

Howard M. Steinmetz

Go Fish from Brother Trucker is a catering food truck that serves GREAT FISH and meals. My first experience was waiting for the bus at the Malden T station and the folks from the truck came by with a bunch of samples of their menu. Let me just first state...fresh fish and more from a truck? My question was answered when I tried their samples.

Just to make sure it wasn't just the sample that was cooked well, a few of us went over to the truck stand that is teal blue located at TJ's Auto 315 Pleasant St. We ordered the Clam Chowdah, Haddock Sandwich, Grilled Chix - ALL were excellent!!

Amazing the fresh fried clams and fish was cooked from a truck, but the taste and portion will prove the idea wrong....it is excellent in taste, portion, and cost.

Well done

Jill A.
Boston, MA