Bone Daddy’s Burgers

Now in our third year on the streets, Brother Trucker proudly introduces Bone Daddy’s Burgers.   As a chefs we are committed to sourcing sustainable foods, and continue to work with the Chef’s Collaborative and my network of local vendors to stay within these guidelines whenever possible.  We believe in sourcing locally, and seasonally when feasible, but we are in New England, and its hard to find local tomatoes in January!!  Our Burger-centric menu, from the creative carnivorous consciousness of my long time Sous Chef and collaborator Rich Cambriello will feature some classic beef burger variations, as well a chicken burger and a vegetarian burger for those less hell bent on the bovine.

We will feature seasonal specials reflecting the bounty of the ranch, the farm, and the sea to keep re-defining the possibilities of the burger, and to satisfy our constant creative impulses.  We will also have fun with the many possibilities in the wonderful world of fries!!  Bacon/Truffle fries anyone?  Keep on the look out for Rich’s Foo Foo drinks as well.  Can you say lemongrass/ginger ice tea or Mango Lemonade?